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Welcome to the Swift County Archers website. The Swift County Archers are always looking for new members to join our club. We offer many different events through the year. We are always wanting to help people get into the sport of archery, no matter what the ages are or even if you never have shot a bow we will try to help you through it, by teaching you how to shoot it, and anything else that you need to know. Feel free to look through our website and if need please contact any of the members on the contacts page.



West Central Bowhunter 60 3D Shoot

Once again the Swift County Archers will be teaming up with fellow archer club the Little Crow Archers of Willmar to host the West-Central Bowhunter 60 3D Shoot. The location of the shoot will be at the Prairie Woods Enviromental Center. The address of PWEC is 12718 10th St NE, Spicer, MN 56288. The shoot will be held in August. More information and flyer will be posted.

Hunting Picture

If you have any hunting pictures you would like to be put up on the club website please e-mail them to either Tadd Egenes or Alex Amundson. Both of their e-mail on the contacts page. Just click the person's name. If you do send pictures please send them as an attachment. It is easier to put them up that way. Thank you for all those who have given pictures to me to put them up.


Battle of the Clubs

The last leg of the Battle of the Clubs was shot and it came down to two clubs. The two clubs were the Little Crow Archers of Willmar and the Swift County Archers. The winners of the Battle of the Clubs was the Swift County Archers. Congrats to everyone who helped us win the trophey again.


MSAA Indoor Championship Shoot

Congrats to everyone who shot at the MSAA Indoor Championship Shoot. The Swift County Archers had 12 members of the club place. We also won the Club Award for the most members of the club who shot. This is our second one.

Members of the Club

If you see anything not working or incorrect on the website please fell free to contact Alex Amundson at alexamundson@yahoo.com. Also, if something you would like to recommend to be put on the website please let Alex know and he can work on it.


And also the Swift County Archers has a Facebook page! Please check it out and make sure you "Like" the page! It is just another way to get information out to the members.




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