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        睿仕管理Right Management

        ManpowerGroup > Right Management

        培訓與發展Training and Development

        ManpowerGroup > Training and Development

        政府及公共部門解決方案Government and Public Sector Solutions

        ManpowerGroup > Government and Public Sector Solutions

        Training and Development

        Manpower Ruixin Education Technology Guangdong Co., Ltd. a subsidiary under ManpowerGroup Greater China, provides workforce training and talent development solutions through our insights into the dynamic world of work. We are committed to helping enterprises to upgrade and also to transfer their employees’ skills in order to meet their business goals and to enhance their brands through our solutions.

        • Workplace Foreign Language Training

          Our perspectives on and experience within the contemporary workplace differentiate us as an expert source for providing workplace language training. We also invest in a “full-function” training platform and system in order to conduct and deliver blended online and offline language training services. We further provide tailor-made solutions to meet each enterprise’s needs.

        • Human Resources Excellence

          We provide a shared learning platform for HR professionals and business leaders through sharing Human Resources Strategy, Policy Interpretation, and Best Practices. Our courses include Talent Selection, Motivation and Retention, Performance Communication, TTT Program, Organization Development, and much more.

        • High-Potential Talents Program

          To help middle-level managers and high-potential talents to upgrade and/or to transfer skills, we are committed to providing a one-stop innovative talent solution. We connect our clients to contemporary courses, tools, and programs in the workplace in order to help our clients develop their core talents.

        • Essential Skills Training

          Our insights into talent outlook and forecast in the workplace enable us to address and identify essential skills in the future workplace. We leverage resources to offer courses in the areas of Marketing, Big Data Analysis, Architects, Intelligent Manufacturing, and much more.

        Service Approach

        • Open Course

          We regularly update our courses in connection with dynamic market and technology trends.

        • Corporate Training

          We provide in-depth customized courses for middle-level managers and key-positions staff in order to improve their industry-specific and career-development skills.

        • Forum and Lecture

          Hosting high-end forums and lectures for our clients, we regularly invite industry and academic leaders to share their experience and insights through our platform.

        • Mobile Learning

          We provide an online training platform that fulfills diversified learning demands and optimizes every user’s experience.

        Awards and Honors

        • 2018
          The “China Top 10 Sales training Solution Providers”
        • 2018
          The “China Top 10 Corporate Language Training Solution Providers”
        • 2017
          The “China Top 10 Corporate Language Training Solution Providers”
        • 2016
          The Most Influential Foreign Language Training Brand (The NetEase Golden Wings)
        • 2016
          The Most Trusted Vocational Education Brand (The NetEase Golden Wings)
        • 2016
          The Best Training Organization of the Year